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The financial intelligence you can rely on for your growing business

Finance plays a critical role in accelerating your company’s transformation and growth. Our CFOs work with startups and small and medium-sized companies as strategic business partners with an objective to increase wealth and ROI. Your company definitely needs our services if:

Increased business complexities

Your business growth has made your finances too complex that a mere bookkeeper cannot handle.

Growth too rapid to handle

You aren’t yet prepared to fiercely manage your cash flow when the company is scaling too quickly.

Unfavorable period

Your business is gasping for profits and you need financial intelligence to help you navigate the stormy business environment.

Lack of financial acumen

You may lack the strategic insights to get across the finish line and need a financial advisor to help make data-driven decisions.

Here’s how Monily can help

Every startup needs forward-looking financial guidance to help them make better decisions and craft a compelling pitch to investors. But how do you know you’re on the right track? By choosing the right financial partner from the get-go


Your partner CFO can design effective growth strategies, optimize processes that enable cost reduction, inform about potential pitfalls proactively, and make solid financial plans to help you gain competitive advantage.

Cash flow

Our virtual CFOs offer insights into the impact of any strategic business decisions or changes you are planning to make, putting you in a position where you can make critical decisions without breaking a sweat.

Financial advisory

Our trusted experts help you prepare your pitch for the next round of funding and get potential investors interested in your business, enabling you to unlock growth.

Budgeting and
business planning

From preparing financial statements, managing your day-to-day finances to employing successful budgeting techniques, and making strategic adjustments that ensure maximum return on investment, our virtual CFO does it all.


Our financial advisors help our partners benefit from a holistic and proactive covenant monitory approach throughout the lending lifecycle to minimize the financial risks and costs.

Virtual board

As part of our virtual CFO services, your dedicated CFO will be part of your board, subcommittee, and strategic meetings to help you and your stakeholders get the necessary financial insights at every stage of the business lifecycle.

The Rock-Solid Financial Support To Improve Profitability And Drive Growth

We’ll work with you to find the solution and price that fits your needs.


8 hours of CFO engagement

Personal CFO Consultation

Cash Flow Management

Annual Budget based on Industry specific variables

Financial Statements

Monthly Variance Analysis & Reporting against Annual Budget

Board Meeting Presence


15 hours of CFO budgeting

Personal CFO Consultation

Budget based on Industry specific variables

Financial Statements

Variance Analysis & Reporting

Board Meeting Presence

Expert Accounting.

Our team is run and directed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) which is the highest level of certification you can attain in accounting. Guaranteeing you are in good hands when it comes to your financial needs.

Combined Experience Of The LYFE Team

30+ Years

Education Level Of The LYFE Team

CPA | MPA | B.A.

Hundreds Of Small Businesses Served

And growing

The Remarkable Results Achieved By
Businesses That Trust Monily.

See what our clients say about us

Our business was not doing too well financially when Monily stepped in. Their dedicated CFO worked closely with us in the subsequent months and leveled up accounting, auditing, reporting, and other cornerstones of our financial infrastructure. All these efforts combined saved us time and a huge sum of money.

Hailey Mccathy (Restaraunt)

Working with Monily’s outsourced CFO was one of the wisest investments we made. Our startup now has a dedicated CFO for all our strategic needs at a very low cost as compared to an in-house CFO. From forecasting and budgeting to fundraising, our virtual CFO has got us covered.

Samuel Dsouza (Healthcare)

We reached out to Monily last year to help us with strategic planning and financial forecasting as well as improving the effectiveness of our business spending. The CFO we were assigned helped our company get up and running. We would strongly recommend Monily’s CFO outsourcing service to any company looking for financial expertise and guidance.

Grey Chen (Consultation)

Working with industry-leading financial tools