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Monily offers the best virtual CFO services you will find, providing the expertise you need at an affordable cost. Our chief financial officer services start under $200 a month and are designed to help businesses scale to real wealth.

Especially geared for start-ups, our CFO service works with you to chart the path of growth, forming new relationships, driving measurable value, and establishing core financial processes and reporting requirements.

Our exceptional CFO services focus on profit protection, cash flow management, projections, and business planning. Work with our trusted CFOs and gear up for growth.

Our CFO services include:

Profit Protection
Cash Flow Management
Business Planning
Financing Preparations
Covenant Monitoring
Virtual board attendance/presentation

Profit Protection

We strategize for long-term revenue growth by implementing effective cost reduction exercise for growing the top line, while protecting the costs that support competitive advantage.

Cash Flow Management

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business with our short term and long-term cash flow projections & strategic cash flow management to meet the organization’s needs, for peace of mind and informed decision making.

Budgeting & Business Planning

Our virtual CFO services will support you in your day-to-day finance process and offer successful budgeting techniques and recommendations for maximized ROI.

Financing preparations & calculations

For many start-up CFOs, one of the first items on their agenda will be new rounds of funding and financing. Get our proven, trusted experts to prepare and pitch financial projections to potential investors to help you unlock growth.

Covenant Monitoring

Holistic covenant monitoring strategy and proactive monitoring of covenants throughout the lending lifecycle to minimize the financial risk and costs.

Virtual board attendance/presentation

As part of our virtual CFO services, your dedicated CFO will attend Board and subcommittee meetings on a regular basis and provide useful/necessary financial inputs on various parameters to all stakeholders.

Financial solutions built for your business

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8 hours of CFO engagement

Personal CFO Consultation

Cash Flow Management

Annual Budget based on Industry specific variables

Financial Statements

Monthly Variance Analysis & Reporting against Annual Budget

Board Meeting Presence


15 hours of CFO budgeting

Personal CFO Consultation

Budget based on Industry specific variables

Financial Statements

Variance Analysis & Reporting

Board Meeting Presence

Join thousands of small business owners
who trust Monily with their books


For crystal clear visibility of the financial health of your business, sign up for our book-keeping services today.

Tax Preparation

Simplify the tax preparation process for your business with the help of our highly experienced tax accountants.

CFO Services

Your dedicated CFO work with you to create customised reports and forecasts to provide critical BI insights to keep you one step ahead.


Save time, money and trouble, every payroll cycle with Monily Payroll Services. Accurate, on-time, hassle-free payroll once and always!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do CFO services cost?

Our CFO packages start under $200 per month.

Can I hire you for CFO services as a standalone?

Yes, you can purchase CFO services on its own or packaged with other services including bookkeeping.

How does this work if I am an existing client or plan to sign up for other services offered by Monily?

Our CFO services are a great complement to our other services.  Assuming we do your bookkeeping, your CFO will have the benefit of being able to get quick answers on specific transactions so that they can give you the insight that you need quite quickly.

If I want to start with other Monily services, can I add CFO services later?

Yes of course, you are more than welcome to do so at any time.  Please get in touch with your dedicated accountant manager and let them know about your interest in our CFO services.

What is a hidden profit centres?

A hidden profit centre can be a process, branch or division about which the employees or management are unaware that they are paying additional costs or missing out on additional savings, impacting the bottom line and profitability of the organization.

What does financial analysis mean?

Behind every number is a story, and it is our job to uncover that story, using very powerful financial analysis tools to bring cost and process efficiencies in order to improve the long-term profitability & sustainability of your business.

What kind of clients are you looking for?

Our virtual CFO services are geared towards start-up and SMEs that aim to take their organization to the very top; and firms that opt for significant cost savings over hiring a full-time CFO.

What do you mean by strategic planning?

It is a process wherein our CFOs help the business management to define explicitly the short term and long term objectives of the business and make recommendations to allocate resources accordingly to pursue the attainment of those goals aggressively in order to grow the business.

If we’re interested in your services, what is the process?

For our value-added CFO services, please fill out our contact form below, and we’ll contact you right away. We look forward to serving you!

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