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Bookkeeping Struggles for Startups

What are the startup bookkeeping challenges and how to overcome them?

Wednesday | August 25, 2021 | 11 AM CT

Establishing optimal accounting practices lay the foundation for a successful business and several startups find it difficult to get it right from the very beginning. As a first-time startup owner, it is important to set specific and measurable goals.

Our upcoming free webinar will help you learn about how better bookkeeping practices maintain your financial health and boost revenue within the first year of launching your business.

Some of the topics and questions that we will address during the webinar:

  • The common challenges you encounter when building your startup
  • Why does bookkeeping matter and should you outsource it?
  • How can startups leverage outsourced bookkeeping services to cut down costs?

The webinar will feature a live Q&A with Wajiha Danish, Senior Accountant, who will walk us through the most common bookkeeping challenges startup owners face. Wajiha has helped over a hundred startups boost their revenue in the last couple of years.

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Our Guest Speaker:
Ms. Wajiha Danish

Our Host:
Ms Ramsha Jameel