How Can CFO Consulting Help My Business?

Wajiha Danish | June 17 2022

Are you a business owner chasing a dream? Are you a CEO fed up with slip-ups caused by ill-informed decision-making? Are you a startup owner struggling to find the right way forward? If so, you direly need a CFO – A finance expert who can help you make informed decisions, find the best way forward, and pave your way to glory.

CFO consulting services are for those small and medium-sized businesses that need a CFO yet can’t afford to hire a full-time resource. Thus, they head to a fractional pro who disperses his expertise among multiple clients on an as-per-need basis.

Simply put, a CFO consultant is a dedicated expert who works with you part-time to tidy up your finances and give you the insights you need to make winning decisions.

However, we don’t want you to take our word and hire a CFO consultant right away. This article is to help you self-assess whether you need a CFO consultant or not in the first place.


Signs You Need A CFO Consultant


1. Lack of Financial Clarity

If you lack the financial foresight to make winning decisions and struggle to make winning calls at crunch times, you need a CFO consultant. The inability to access financial insights implies your finances are a mess, and you need a consultant to clear it up.


2. Mismanaged Cash Flow

If your costs and expenses are often unbalanced, you need to contact a consultant. Mismanaged cash flow implies your finance team can’t handle the cash flow and direly needs expert supervision to do it right.


3. Static Business Growth

If your business growth has come to a standstill, you need to hire a CFO consultant today. Lack of business growth indicates poor decision-making.


How Does CFO Consulting Help SMBs?

CFO consulting helps small and medium-sized businesses like a dedicated CFO helps those who can afford to hire one. With the help of consulting services, you relish all the perks of having an expert on board without hiring one. Here are three ways how CFO consulting can help your business level up:


1. Provide Financial Stability

CFO consulting services give your business the all-important financial stability and prepare you for the challenges ahead. A consultant works with you to study your cash flow trends and helps you re-strategize if your ways hint at trouble in the days ahead.


2. Bridge The Gap

If you can afford to hire a full-time resource, still, CFO consulting can help you loads. Recruiting the best candidate is not an easy process. It takes time and may push your business behind. So, what to do? Get a fractional consultant to bridge the gap. CFO consulting services help you stay on track with your finances while hunting for a full-time resource.


3. Establish & Implement KPIs

Never think a CFO consultant gives you less than an in-house resource. In truth, a consultant does it all just at a lesser cost. For instance, they can help your business establish and implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Their job is not only to assess your business’s financial health but also to help you adopt practices that accelerate growth.


Why Do You Need CFO Consulting Services?

CFO consulting services give you access to the expert you need without putting one on your payroll… and that’s a good thing – the luxury of having an expert available on an as-per-need basis gives you the flexibility you need to move up on overdrive.

You may need a CFO at certain times of the year, perhaps when the tax season is near or when your business is heading into a merger or acquisition. At times like these, ill-informed decisions can derail your business from the success path. So, hire an expert who can highlight the pros and cons and help you make winning decisions on repeat.

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Even when all seems well and your business is moving up exceptionally, you need a CFO. Business growth is a sign of progression, but it also is a reminder that your business now needs more resources than before, or it may fail to manage the workload and go belly up.

Without a CFO, it is hard to ascertain forward motion. The best your business will do is to go one step forward and two steps back. To ensure progress doesn’t happen like that, get a CFO consultant on board to manage growth rightly.


What Makes CFO Consulting Services Unique?

CFO consulting services provide your business with deep financial knowledge expanding across multiple domains. They provide solutions tailor-made for your business, aligned with your goals, needs, and strategies. Remember, a CFO consultant is no less than a dedicated resource.

Yes, we call part-time CFOs who work with multiple businesses fractional CFOs, but that seldom implies they offer fractional services. They are pros who divide their time across multiple companies, providing them a complete overview of their finances and the foresight needed to level up.

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Wajiha is a Brampton-based CPA, CGA, and Controller with 17+ years of experience in the financial services industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and is a Chartered Certified Accountant. Wajiha spearheads Monily as its Director and is a leader who excels in helping teams achieve excellence. She talks about business financial health, innovative accounting, and all things finances.